Can You Wear White After Labor Day?


There’s an old rule about wearing white. Supposedly you aren’t supposed to wear white pants (or white at all) after Labor Day. The time of the year to wear white, the old saying goes, is between Memorial Day and Labor Day. There is a little more leeway in the warmer parts of the country (like Hawaii) but where did this rule come from? People Magazine has a good explanation.

But in a nutshell, white is a cool color. And normally you would wear cool colors during the warm summer months. The opposite is true in the cooler fall and winter when you would normally wear warmer colors like brown. Furthermore, back in the old days (we’re talking 1800s to early 1900s), white was the color of the elite upper class. Think First Class in the movie Titanic rather that Steerage Class. And what did the rich people do in the summer? Well they hung out at resorts and rode on yachts while the poor people wore drab clothing and worked all day (and night). And so over time, this when-to-wear-white trend spread across the country and became a thing.

Nikki in white pants and floral top

So that’s kinda the brief history of where the don’t-wear-white-after-Labor-Day thing came from. We think you should wear white WHENEVER you want. Clothing is about style and expression. Fashion rules are not like the rules of physics. You CAN break these rules. In fact, it’s good for the soul to break a fashion rule every now and then. Just do what’s best for you. If you want to wear white during winter and you feel that it’s a good expression of who you are or what you’re feeling, by all means go ahead. Do it with confidence and do it like you mean it. Just be aware that there may be some people who look at you and think, “What’s THAT person doing wearing white?” But don’t worry about those people. Life is too short to worry about what others think. 🙂

Couple wearing matching white Hawaiian shirt and dress