Cooking with a Solar Oven

GoSun Stove solar cooking with the sun

When you’re cooking outdoors, chances are you are using either gas or charcoal as your heat source. But cooking on the grill is not the only way to get the job done. Solar cooking is cool, clean and renewable way to cook some of your summertime favorites. We tested out a GoSun solar oven to see just how good (or bad) it works.

Our good friend Scott took his GoSun solar oven and decided to make cinnamon rolls. He figured meat would be no problem, but what about something delicate like a pastry? Well, as you can see from the pictures below, it came out pretty good. Actually it came out great, way better than expected!

GoSun raw cinnamon rolls

The raw cinnamon rolls were placed in the cooking tray.

Cinnamon rolls being cooked with GoSun solar oven

The tray of raw cinnamon rolls was then slid into the GoSun solar oven outside.

The day was mostly sunny with passing clouds. It took about 30 minutes for the rolls to cook. It would have been faster on a clear sunny day or slower on a cloudier day.

After about an hour, the cinnamon rolls were done. Here is what they looked like after icing them.

The cinnamon rolls turn out wonderful. But we figure the real purpose of then solar oven would be to cook main dish type of foods. So we decided to try cooking some teriyaki beef.

cooking pork in a GoSun solar oven

We placed the seasoned raw meat in the cooking tray.

Cooking teriyaki beef in a GoSun solar oven

We took the GoSun stove outside and slid the tray of raw meat into the cooking chamber. The day was really sunny so cooking time was expected to be quick.

Cooked beef from a GoSun solar oven

The meat for about 1-1/2 hours. The beef turned out soft and juicy as it was boiling in its juices when it came out.

Our other friend Chadwin decided to try cooking spare ribs in the solar oven. He started cooking at 9:30am on a sunny and it was done by noon. We don’t have pictures but we do have a video. Notice the juicy sizzling sound when he pulls the tray out at the end. What a lovely sound!

So now we know that solar cooking is doable if you have a little more time to cook whatever it is that you are cooking. You don’t get that wonderful smokey smell that you get from a charcoal grill, but for certain dishes or if you have particular health concerns, solar cooking (at least with this type of oven) is a good tool to have in your repertoire of cooking options.