Work and Play at the Beach

Meeting at the Beach

Sometimes it’s good to get a change of scenery to keep your mind sharp and fresh. Normally, I’ll meet at clients’ offices or at a nearby coffee shop.  But when my friend Mike set up venue for a meeting with a couple of business friends at a beach front property, I jumped at it. He texted me the property address with a note, “we will grill….and bring swimwear.” Sounds like a fun meeting!

Mari in a Hammock on the Phone

Hammocks make everything better!

The purpose of this meeting was to follow up on intriguing ideas we discussed last month at a sports bar. My friend Mari is an Irish-Japanese entrepreneurial hula instructor and my other friend Jon is a local business developer. Both of them have some synergies with as well as with another startup I am working on. So the time was right to get on the same page and work together where it makes sense.

Aloha Shirt Sword Fight

The Force is strong with this one.

While wearing Aloha attire with such a beautiful tropical backdrop, this meeting felt more like a mini party than an actual meeting. It seemed there was no shortage of clever ideas, creative solutions, and of course laughter. Time will tell if anything we discussed become successful realities in the future. After all, great ideas are a dime a dozen. Execution is the hard part. But one thing I do know is that a fresh environment can really make a big difference in helping you see things just a little bit differently. And that can lead to big improvements and new opportunities or staying stuck with the status quo. And given the choice of those two paths, there’s no question which one I would rather pursue.

Aloha Attire Group Photo

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