Hanging Out in Makapuu


With summer just around the corner, we held the first of several photoshoots. We wanted to try something a little different this time so rather than take a bunch of pictures at one location, we decided to take few pictures but at multiple locations. The Makapuu Coast on the southern part of Oahu has many scenic locations on a sunny afternoon, we headed out that way.

The first stop was at Halona Cove. That stop is more known for Halona Blowhole but it is also home to one of the most iconic scenes in movie history. The makeout scene in From Here to Eternity took place on the tiny beach called Halona Cove tucked under the lookout point.

Loryn is feeling good vibes at Halona Cove.

We always carry around our smartphones during the photoshoots. As expected, our DSLR is our main camera. This time, we made a conscious effort to make more use of our phone cameras (iPhone 7 Plus) to take a good portion of the pictures to give the pictures a more personal feel.

Beautiful rays of sunshine create some tropical enchantment.

Our second stop was just a couple minutes down the road just past Sandy Beach for a tailgate scene. We have always wanted to do a shot like this but never really had the chance until now. In a future photoshoot, we may expand on this and have a full-on grill and picnic party.

Relaxing and soaking in the beautiful ocean front view.

We are will also be adding a bunch of new dresses, tops and shirts from the very hot brand Angels by the Sea. These outfits are not Hawaiian or Aloha per se, but they do capture the tropical beach essence that is sometimes associated with traditional aloha wear. We love the look and we hope you do too.

Taking some selfies in an all-new Angels by the Sea shirt and dress.

Our final stop of the day was just down the road near Sea Life Park. At the end of the pier in this picture is a building that acted as TC’s office in the TV show Magnum PI. So to honor that history we took pictures in matching Jungle Bird shirts which is the actual print that Tom Selleck wore in the show. He wore the red version while Loryn is pictured wearing the black version.

Matching Magnum PI Aloha shirts and a sarong dress

(NOTE: The picture above was taken with an iPhone 7 Plus in Portrait Mode to achieve the bokeh effect. Since it is done with software, there are visual artifacts if you look closely. Look at Loryn’s (girl on left) fingers and you’ll notice some artifacts along the edges of her fingers. You’ll also notice some blurring of the hair that wouldn’t occur with a regular camera. But for speed and convenience, especially with simpler pictures, we find that using the camera on the phone is good enough.)

So that wrapped up our shoot. Despite having multiple stops, it was shorter than our typical photoshoot and we were able to get a wider variety of backgrounds and looks. And as usual, everyone had a lot of fun and are looking forward to the next shoot.

One last group selfie to wrap the days’ photoshoot.