Cutting 340 Layers of Fabric to Make 340 Shirts


Most Hawaiian apparel manufacturers sell more men’s shirts than any other type of clothing. To keep up with the demand from their retail customers, they must constantly produce shirts by the hundreds. One manufacturer told me that when they prepare layers of fabric for shirt production, it can take up to 2 days. The video below shows 340 layers of fabric being sliced with ease with the fabric knife. If the person makes a mistake by cutting inside the lines, not only would that shirt component be ruined, but the entire production run would have to be scrapped. It would be an enormous waste of fabric and money. A few years ago there was a shortage of cutters in the local industry. A couple manufacturers told me that they looked for months to find a skilled cutter who was good enough to hire. It was better for them to lose sales through lost production than it was to risk hiring someone who lacked years of proven experience. One manufacturer finally found somebody while another one ended up having to outsource this task to another company.


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