Sharing the Aloha Spirit in Fukuoka, Japan


The people of Fukuoka, Japan are really into Hawaii stuff. Maybe it is
because of the cultural ties between that city and Hawaii that began over 100
years ago when boatloads of Japanese immigrants came to Hawaii to work in the
sugar plantations. Whatever the reason, the people really responded with
enthusiasm when a bunch of Hawaii companies and officials put on a Hawaii fair
to promote commerce and travel. The Japanese were fascinated by our Hawaiian
music, food and clothing. We Americans were equally fascinated by their culture
and food, especially sushi (my favorite food in the universe). Anyways, after a
full day and night of cross cultural fun and entertainment, we found that we had
a lot more in common than expected and could easily relate to one another
despite the language barrier. International relations sure is fun and easy when
their is good food, drink, and entertainment going on!



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