Nice Sunset! What a Way to End the Day


It’s probably pretty apparent by now that I like sunsets. I also like sunrises, btw. While filming this sunset, I noticed that most of the beach-goers pretty much stopped talking and just stared out over the waves at the setting sun. It was almost like they were in a trance. A group of Japanese tourists sat together and ate musubis (rice balls) very slowly, almost as if they were tasting the sunset with each and every bite. It’s hard to explain but I could see it in their eyes that they had some sort of spiritual connection to what they were witnessing. Either that or they were just tired. Or stoned. There was also a guy who stood and never flinched even when a woman in an aggressive bikini walked right in front of him. That was impressive. She probably felt rejected. Anyways, none of that is shown in this video. The video is simply meant to make you feel like you are sitting at the beach on a warm tropical evening taking in the sights and sounds of a perfect ending to a typical day in paradise.


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