Sunrise at Sandy Beach Park


In all of my years in living in Hawaii, I have never once set foot on Sandy Beach. As a kid, I did all my body boarding at other places like Bellows, Sand Island, Waikiki, Waimanalo, etc. Sandy’s is famous for its powerful and dangerous shore break and is not someplace that the inexperienced should mess around with. That didn’t stop then candidate Barack Obama from squeezing in a body surfing session during his vacation in Hawaii during the 2008 presidential campaign.

So last Friday I decided to finally go to Sandy’s. But rather than risk injury by body surfing, I played it safe and just filmed the sunrise. It’s not as exciting as conquering the shore break, but it is certainly better for my health. Actually, Sandy’s is not dangerous all the time, but like all beaches, it pays to be respectful of the power of the ocean.

This video was shot at about 6:15 am and as you can see, there were already a few people playing in the water and just walking around and enjoying the morning sunrise.


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