Tide Pool Fish Watching


Tide pools are a great place to look at little fish, crabs, and other sea creatures. And one of the best places for this is a place called Sharks Cove on the North Shore just past Waimea Bay. During the summer months, the water is placid making it very safe for beginners to walk around in the tide pools without getting pounded by the surf. For the slightly more experienced water people, the cove to the right of the tide pools offers pretty good snorkeling.

I took this picture early yesterday morning but there were already several people in the tide pool area and at least 6 people snorkeling.

sharks cove summer 

The during the winter months, this very same place can be very dangerous, as you can clearly see in this picture taken during December. 

sharks cove winter 

The beaches along the North Shore of Oahu are typically calm during the summer. The large surf that the the North Shore is famous for comes during the winter months. While this may be good for experienced surfers and spectators, it also keeps the lifeguards busy. 


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