Hawaiian Dress Parts Ready for Sewing


When a manufacturer cuts layers of fabric for production, the number of layers can vary greatly. If the manufacturer only needs a small production run to meet demand, they may only cut a couple dozen layers at a time. If demand is high, they may cut well over 100 layers at a time. This is often the case for men’s Hawaiian shirts and women’s long tank dresses.

bundles of hawaiian dress parts
Dress components are bundled according to part and dress size

close up of a hawaiian dress fabric bundle
This bundle has the parts for at least 120 dresses

Just imagine, one slip of the hand by the cutting technician and this entire production run would be ruined. Talk about pressure! In the video we shot of the fabric being cut with the electric knife, there were probably only 2-3 dozen layers. The manufacturer promised us that they will be cutting more 120+ layer jobs in the next two weeks so we will definitely be there with our HD camera ready for action.


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